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Patient Engagement

With a growing population of chronic patients, engagement is key to drive costs down and improve outcomes in healthcare.

of total healthcare spending is attributed to chronic patients.
Source: "Chronic Conditions - Making the Case for Ongoing Care" (2004)
annual cost of preventable hospital readmissions.
Source: "The Price of Excess: Identifying Waste in Healthcare", PWC (2008)
potential decrease in costs of an engaged patient.
Source: Health Policy Brief #86

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Patient Engagement


Our Solution

Smart Pill Dispenser

Compact & Portable
Suitable for an active lifestyle
Visual & Audible Alarms
When the time comes, the respective compartment is highlighted
Adherence Tracking
Confirmation of "pill in hand"
Suitable for co-morbidities
Rechargeable with a daily blister, containing all the patient’s medication combined
Interacts with our mobile app, for optimal engagement
Never leave it behind
Makes sure the patient always have it when it's needed
White Labeling
Co-branding and customisation possible
* Patent Pending
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Mobile App

One Line
A complete overview of the patient's health in one intuitive timeline
Alignment Level
Instant feedback about the patient’s engagement, using a unique algorithm that takes into account all data points
"One App Fits All"
Can connect to several devices (blood pressure monitor, glucometer, activity tracker, etc.)
According to each patient's treatment or condition
Fully Integrated
Real-time data exchange with several platforms, such as EHR, pharmacy and hospital software
Continuous Loop of Care
Triggers alarms and notifications for physicians, caregivers or providers when something needs their attention
Predictive Analytics
Use of big data to assess risk and prevent further complications
Safe & Compliant
All data is transmitted securely and our platform is HIPAA compliant
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Value Proposition

Click in each section to understand what we can do for you
Keep your health in line
A patient-centric solution towards saving costs
The ultimate tool for patient engagement
Looking beyond the molecule
Building long-term relationships
Keep your health in line

User friendly: easy to use, no setup needed

Suits your lifestyle: carry your health in your pocket; meaningful reminders, only when needed

Easy medication: we take care of everything, from prescription to intake.

Fully integrated: connects with your devices, hospital, physician and pharmacy. All in one place

Be in control: you’re the one who decides who has access to your data.

Peace of mind: build a safety net around you (with family members, caregivers and providers)

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About linehealth

We're a dedicated team, passioned about solving real-world problems.
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The Team
Started coding when he was 15

Diogo Ortega


Former journalist, second-time entrepreneur

Sofia Simões de Almeida


Worked in 2 multinationals, 1 agency and 2 startups

Luís Castro


Never takes "no" for an answer

Joana Vieira

Head of Design

Adventure seeker. Dog lover.

Mário Ribeiro

Hardware Engineer

Lived in Poitiers, Buenos Aires, Paris, Sao Paulo and Lisbon

Lourenço J Oliveira

Business Development

Navigates between design, jazz music and photography

Inês Pimenta

UI Designer

He's a soccer player in a national amateur team

Tiago Pereira

Android Developer

Our Advisors

Dr. Michael Devoy

Chief Medical Officer

Bayer HealthCare

Raymond Atilano, PhD

Executive Director

NeuroTexas Institute

Rodney Klassy

Intl. Business Dev. Mgr.

IC2 Institute - UTexas

Telmo Valido

Investment Professional


Partners and Investors
Awards and Media Mentions
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